A simple & smart way to manage investor updates

SpotCheck is a platform to manage all of your investor updates in one place. Don’t leave your pitches, intros, and business info at the mercy of email, spreadsheets, and docs!

Imagine all of your investment updates in one place, instantly trackable and secure wherever you share. That’s SpotCheck.

How does SpotCheck help investors?

For investors, SpotCheck brings all of your potential and current investments into a single unified place for venture tracking, management, and referrals. This new approach leads to an ease of data analysis and dealflow management that is much easier than traditional email and spreadsheets. Plus, by using SpotCheck you get all of the data you need to make an investment from your first introduction, including team bios, status, traction, churn, burn, and more.

How does SpotCheck help founders?

For founders, SpotCheck gives you the tools to instantly get in front of the investors you want to work with in order to get introductions, advice, and referrals faster than ever. By posting SpotChecks, your team reaches the right investors, grows your network, and decreases the time necessary to raise awareness and funding. Ultimately, you have full control of who can track your updates and a single place to manage your progress, money raised, introductions, and referrals.

How do SpotChecks lead to growth?

As a founder, you know which investors and advisors can truly help your business get to the next level. The problem is getting in front of them and demonstrating your commitment to growth. By posting SpotChecks, your team not only gets on a regular cadence of tracking growth but increases the visibility into your business, giving advisors and investors an immediate gauge on where they can best assist you and your team with growth, introductions, money, and more.

Can I ask you another question?

Sure! Send us an email at contact@spotcheckhq.com. We'd be more than happy to help.


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